A simple plea on Facebook — “I am cold!” — led an Oxfordshire mother to set up her own business, selling duvet suits.

Lisa Ruggles, 34, (right) hopes her Lazypatch suits will soon replace the 'onesies'

— all-in-one jumpsuits — being seen on TV celebrities like X Factor star Rylan Clark and Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment of The Only Way is Essex.

Mrs Ruggles, who claims Lazypatch suits are three times warmer than onesies, has so far enlisted testimonials from rugby player Will Fraser of Saracens, plus the entire membership of Oxford University’s Ski and Snowboard Club.

She said: “I have always worked for myself, but I came across this by chance. I was on Facebook, complaining that I was cold and a friend sent a link to Lazypatch, an Australian company. I contacted them and they said they were looking for a UK distributor. That was an opportunity too good to pass up. I did a bit of market research and decided this was something that could work over here.”

Since launching Lazypatch UK in August she has already sold more than 100 outfits, as well as winning a competition run by StartUp Banbury, which supports entrepreneurship.

She said: “Lazypatch suits appeal to all kinds of people, from students to the disabled, as well as people who feel the cold — and anyone who wants to save on heating.”

At the moment she supplies the suits in six colours, but they have been selling so well that she will soon be re-ordering in a leopard-print design, as well as cow-print.

She said: “Those are a bit of a statement, for the kind of people who would wear a onesie.

People really like them, and they seem to order more than one at a time. Some people use them to lounge on the sofa while watching TV and there's a pocket to hold the remote control.

“But you can still be quite active — walk the dog or go to the shops. I wear mine everywhere and no-one looks at me oddly.”

She worked as a web designer before giving birth to baby Jonathan in November 2010, and was looking for a flexible career where she could work in the evenings.

Described as ‘chill-out wear’, the duvet suits were devised by Australian Jonathan Charlton when his friend Simon Rhoden was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and got cold when he was forced to lie on a couch all day.

Contact: 01869 366506 Web: www.lazypatch.co.uk