Oxford businesswoman Anne Veck has taken out an £81,000 bank loan to turn her hairdresser into an ‘eco salon’ that incorporates pioneering green technology.

She said: “We have what I call a ‘magic pipe system’. “The hot water flows in the middle towards the taps and cold water goes in the other direction to the boiler so that it doesn’t take as much energy to heat it.”

Ms Veck, 50, agreed the finance package from Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking after signing a 15-year lease for her premises in St Clement’s, which she co-owns with husband Keith Mellen.

The refurbishment includes £30,000 of technology such as a ceramic fuel cell and LED lighting, plus cutting water use to reduce the salon’s carbon footprint and act as a flagship for the industry.

The husband-and-wife team have a second salon in Bicester.