Here is one for all you people reluctant to put your money down on a traditional German compact saloon — there is another option from a company called Infiniti.

Who? Granted, it’s an unfamiliar name. It has been doing the rounds in the USA for the last two decades, though.

And here is a lesser-known fact — it is actually part of the mighty Nissan empire. Think Lexus and its relationship with parent company Toyota, and suddenly Infiniti isn’t the obscure brand you thought it was.

That’s the family history over with, but why choose an Infiniti over a more established German rival? The Japanese firm is keen to stress it is not interested in flooding the market with cars. It wants to create a feeling of exclusivity for buyers, which explains the measured approach to creating a dealer network.

And it does not want to be part of the trend for in your face designs and equally pushy branding messages.

Simply put, Infiniti doesn’t ‘do’ flash. Cars aside, that’s most obvious in the look and ambience of its flagship Reading dealership, which has been styled and laid out more like a boutique hotel than a car emporium.

You can expect the same softly-softly, mature approach from the sales staff.

So what about the cars? Initial focus has to be on the firm’s G37 saloon, if only because it squares up nicely against BMW’s volume-selling 3 Series.

The size and sector comparisons end here though, as the G37 is a car offering a different experience to its more established rivals.

The G37 saloon, like the rest of the Infiniti range, is not a car for the cost-conscious. Infiniti likes to say it’s for people who want something different from the norm.

That’s true, but with only a 3.7-litre petrol V6, the G37 is also for people who don’t have to watch the pennies — there is no small capacity or diesel variant.

What you do get, alongside the car’s sleek appearance, is a punchy, willing, driving experience. The G37, like its German rivals, is rear-wheel drive.

Pay extra for the flagship S and you can have four-wheel steer, plus a limited slip different for improved handling. Whichever model you choose, you won’t be short of performance.

And yes, this car does drive like a mature, thoroughly sorted sports saloon. The default manual gearbox can be swapped for an auto without any discernible drop in response, while the G37’s ride offers a happy compromise between premium level refinement, and the willingness to change direction that’s beloved of keen drivers the world over.

That V6 engine sounds good too, adding a welcome ‘edge’ to the experience.

Infiniti might not like the comparison, but there’s also a parallel with Lexus when you consider the overall ownership prospect.

Nothing has been left to chance, be it the concierge-style treatment you get from the dealership, or the fact that the cars are fantastically well equipped.

Fit and finish inside and out is excellent, with the overriding impression that the G37 — or any Infiniti — has been built to last.

The car is full of premium design cues, too. You will struggle to find any hint of Nissan — something that should silence the cynics.

The G37, like the rest of the Infiniti range, is not some Lexus clone, however.

In this case it offers a more sporting driving experience, while the styling has a noticeably more youthful overtone — a hint at the car maker’s target market.

It is always a bold move to launch a new brand in a fiercely competitive market, and Infiniti won’t have it easy.

But the car — a coupe, convertible and choice of SUVs also exist — is sufficiently different and engaging enough to carve out its own niche.

Model: Infiniti G37 GT Peformance: 0-62mph 5.8 seconds, top speed 155mph.

Economy: 26.7mpg (combined) CO2 emissions: 248g/km

Price: From £31,600

Contact: 0844 2435 780 Web: