Easyread is a new approach to literacy coaching, run by Oxford Learning Solutions.

Each child using Easyread has a personal account on their website and logs on to do a lesson each day, directly off the Internet.

The multimedia lessons have an amazing affect on the psychology of the children, who often surprise their parents by asking to do their lesson each day.

The reported results have been extraordinary too.   The average child on Easyread progresses five times faster than children using conventional approaches.   Many local parents have used Easyread and Oxford Learning Solutions can put you in touch with some of them if you would like to ask them questions.  

And you can discuss it with the Easyread team on 0845 458 2642.

Reader Special Offer

We have organised a special offer for readers of the Oxford Times and Oxford Mail.
To access your special offer please click the link below:
Easyread System Special Offer

Background On Literacy

Currently one in five children reaches 11 still unable to read.  So many schools do not have the resources to deal with such high numbers with difficulties.   Easyread is built around an understanding on the main causes of difficulty and gets great results by detecting and dealing with each of them.
For general information on how Easyread works, check the Easyread website:
How Easyread Helps Children Learning to Read

You will also find considerable information on dyslexia and other literacy issues on this site:
Causes and Cures for Dyslexia

Learning to read is so critical for every child that no stone should be left unturned to make it happen.   Without good reading skills any child or adult is competing with one hand tied.   In fact, nearly 50% of adults with low literacy live in poverty and many end up getting involved in crime (over 50% of prison inmates have little or no literacy skills).
There is a lot of confusion over dyslexia and what it is.   You can get a much clearer idea from the Oxford Learning Solutions website.  The support for dyslexia is often very weak in some schools due to a lack of resources and training.   And yet dyslexia has an enormous impact on any child’s ability to progress in almost any subject.
So, this is a huge issue that we need to do everything possible to fix.   Children need to learn how to read, whatever that takes.


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