Cyclists in danger

5:29pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – Your report of the petition, asking for changes at The Plain, presented to the county council (Report, July 3) includes councillor Nimmo Smith’s revealing response. (The petition was gathered in a few days and signatures exceeded the minimum by 70 per cent).

Flood channel not needed

5:28pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – The Western Conveyance flood mitigation channel has apparently been “given the go-ahead”. But this is a potentially a dreadful mis-use of taxpayers’ money.

Not unsightly channel

5:27pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – It was gratifying to see that the £26m funding for the Western Conveyance, just announced by the Government, was front-page news (Report, July 10).

Chain of destruction

5:26pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – I was horrified to read in last week’s The Oxford Times that what I thought to be a fantasy proposal, ie the so-called Western Drainage Channel, has metamorphosed into a distinct possibility.

Call for transparency

5:26pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – In your article on the Western Conveyance Channel (July 10) councillor Rose is quoted as saying the flood relief channel will now go ahead. How?

Assessment required

5:25pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – I think and hope what is meant by City flood channel is given the go-ahead (July 10) is no more than that the funding has been arranged should the environmental impact be found to be acceptable.

Powerful persuasion

5:25pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – Having lived in Didcot in the early 1960s when plans for Didcot Power Station were being discussed, I find it remarkable how gullible we, the residents of South Oxfordshire and Vale of the White Horse, were.

Moving exhibition

5:24pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – With the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings still fresh in our minds and the forthcoming commemorations to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War, it is an good opportunity to remind people of the excellent exhibit currently on display at the Witney and District Museum.

Road repairs debacle

5:23pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – I am amazed beyond words with some of the road repair activities locally recently.

Put homes near jobs

5:23pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – The leader of Oxfordshire County Council, Ian Hudspeth, expressed surprise at the recent Connecting Oxfordshire event in Witney on July 7 when the clerk of Carterton Town Council stated that 80 per cent of Carterton residents out-commuted.

Station no solution

5:22pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – If, as reported, the county council leader really said that Hanborough station holds the key to unlocking West Oxfordshire’s traffic problems, who was he trying to kid?

Monorail eases jams

5:21pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – It was nice to see such a large turnout for the ‘Connecting Oxfordshire’ public meeting in Witney.

Lack of communication

5:20pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – I have lost count of the number of complaints I have heard from others about telecommunications companies like BT and Talk Talk; now I have joined the complainants.

Dangerous overtaking

5:20pm Saturday 19th July 2014


Install speed cameras

5:19pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – Very often on St Giles, in Oxford, at least seven fully uniformed traffic police are visible, filming drivers as they break the 20mph speed limit. A couple of traffic wardens or speed cameras could do the same job for less cost. Go to the opposite extreme and you will find no police anywhere when traffic is breaking speed limits on the A34 every day, resulting in inevitable accidents which cost the economy  billions every year.

Explosive raffle

5:19pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir –  I am writing concerning the publicity over RWE npower’s decision to blow up the Didcot Power Station cooling towers in the dark, thus depriving the community at large an opportunity to view this long-awaited spectacle.

Choral contribution

5:18pm Saturday 19th July 2014


Puzzling choice

5:17pm Saturday 19th July 2014


Superb performers

5:16pm Saturday 19th July 2014

Sir – Having read the feature in the Oxford Mail, and now The Oxford Times, (July 10) I am very disappointed that no mention has been made of 10cc’s presence at the Cornbury Festival, surely they are ‘up there’ with the other artists still performing superbly after many, many years, and have to say, that having the largest audience of the day (Sunday) it puzzles me why they were overlooked?

Daylight demolition needed

The Oxford Times:

4:02pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – I’m writing with reference to the latest excuses from npower as to why the demolition of the Didcot A cooling towers must take place at the antisocial hour of 3am. It has been suggested that both the police and Network Rail “requested” that the demolition take place at this time for reasons of public safety.

The Plain roundabout redesign is wasteful

4:01pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – We have petitioned Oxfordshire County Council regarding The Plain roundabout project. This is funded mostly with DfT’s ‘Cycle City Ambition Grant’.

Playground behaviour

3:59pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – I presented the county council with a petition from people in Witney asking for a four-way A40 junction at Shores Green to be made a top priority to cut traffic problems.

Classic cars on move

The Oxford Times:

3:58pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – Last Sunday, I was part of a small team that organised a convoy of about 50 cars which were either built at Cowley or had a connection to Cowley.

Backing for charge

3:57pm Friday 11th July 2014

 Sir – Connecting Oxfordshire clearly poses the county council’s well-considered questions about its next local transport plan.

Selfless devotion

3:56pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – Thank heaven for the police officers of the Thames Valley force.

20mph will save lives

3:56pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – I take my son to school each day on foot and see first hand how dangerous the roads are in Witney.

Stadium move

3:55pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – So Mr Hudspeth, leader of Oxfordshire County Council would back a move to see Oxford United leave the Kassam Stadium to go to a new site, possibly Water Eaton, a move that I would support.

Bold vision for county

3:54pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – Congratulations to the leader of Oxfordshire County Council for his bold vision of a single council for Oxfordshire with its savings in finance and the numbers of councillors.

Misconceived plan

3:54pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – The plan for West Oxfordshire District Council to share staff and services with councils in Gloucestershire is surely misconceived.

Support for evacuees

3:53pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – Perhaps some readers are still in touch with people (or their families) who were evacuated to Oxford during the Second World War.

Removing rubble

3:52pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – All the concerns about when these long- serving towers will be ‘blown up’ it seems no one has considered what is going to happen to the huge pile of rubble left behind.

Damaging effect

3:52pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – So Christopher Gray wonders whether phone hacking has really harmed anyone (Gray Matter, July 3). Where has he been for the last few years?

Stupid opinions

3:51pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – I am used to being offended by Christopher Gray — it seems to be his only discernible talent — but he went too far with his short piece on Andy Coulson.

Fabulous celebration

3:50pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – Sunday’s Cowley Road Carnival was a fabulous celebration, and Oxfordshire’s biggest street party, attended by our biggest crowd yet of 45,000 people.

Neglected asset

3:49pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – I’ve often pondered the reason why (while sat with glass in hand) boats of all types pass under Abingdon bridge heading toward the lock, then turn around and come back, disappear under the bridge again, only to reappear five minutes later and motor on through? The same of boats coming the other way too?

Town looks fabulous

3:48pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – I am writing concerning Abingdon. Over the last years we have had bad press about Abingdon, but I think there is good news.

Unsuitable sites

3:47pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – West Oxfordshire District Council leader Barry Norton’s comments questioning the validity of the self-seeking Strategic Housing Market Assessment study are to be welcomed, with the district having over-provided houses in the past.

Remove humps

3:47pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir – We are to enjoy extra Government funding for road repairs after the recent severe weather.

Blue plaque is in wrong place

The Oxford Times:

10:16am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – The Oxfordshire Blue Plaques Board has muddled its latest memorial, a plaque commemorating The Countryman magazine and its founder-editor, J W Robertson Scott (Unveiled blue plaque marks magazine, June 26).

Public inquiry is needed

10:14am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – The Campaign to Protect Rural England, founded before there was effective planning legislation, is a good cause which is in danger of turning into a vested interest. In an area where house prices are already high, it must not become the Campaign to make Property Ridiculously Expensive.

Reporting concerns

10:13am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – A leading clinician advised Keep The Horton General (KTHG) that the Oxford University Hospitals Trust is ‘immoral’ in its reporting of the serious issues highlighted in the recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) report ref JR. These should be communicated publicly, not glossed over as per trust press releases.

Ownership of bank

10:12am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – The riverbank in Jericho claimed by the ‘Friends of Castle Mill Stream’ as their private property is unregistered for the simple reason that the Land Registry did not exist on January 24, 1790, when the Oxford Canal Company bought this land from the Rev Peter Wellington Furse.

Packaging proposals

10:12am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – We should all welcome the proposal to replace the polystyrene packaging used for fast food with biodegradable materials.

'Price-less’ from Bob

10:11am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – City council leader Bob Price declares that Port Meadow is “untouchable” (Is Green Belt set to be breached for homes? The Oxford Times, online, June 24).

Making a station case

10:10am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – Wantage and Grove still want a rail station. When Connecting Oxfordshire visited Wantage, on June 25, residents strongly reiterated support for a Grove rail station.

Wrong over bridge

10:10am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – Last week’s letter from North Oxford councillors, complaining about Bob Price’s refusal to agree to the substitution of the Aristotle Lane level crossing with a disabled access bridge unless British Rail provide South Oxford bridges with disabled access, saying that the two issues are unconnected, are quite wrong.

Untold war stories

10:09am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – Did you work at the Ordnance Depot in Bicester? If you did work there, you are one of the 135,000 soldiers, ATS or civilians who who laboured long and hard and with great skill and invention to make sure the what was needed to fight the war was in the right place at the right time.

Park-and-walk plan

10:09am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – One of the worst traffic snarl-ups in Oxford has to be in Headley Way and Marsh Lane in the mornings and evenings, when staff and patients go to and come from the John Radcliffe Hospital. The traffic backs up all the way from the JR to the A40 every morning and it’s solid all the way down Headley Way from about 3.30pm until 6pm every day.

Quaint habits

10:08am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – While agreeing with Paul Surman in many ways (Letters, June 26), I think it would be rather drastic to withdraw state funding entirely from religious schools, and to close them down would cause unnecessary disruption and unsavoury reactions.

Inaccessible city

10:05am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir – I refer to the story in last week’s edition suggesting that a congestion charge was being considered for Oxford.

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