Modern Art's Paul Hobson on Easter traditions

The Oxford Times: Paul Hobson of Modern Art Oxford

10:41am Thursday 17th April 2014

Paul Hobson delves into the origins of how we celebrate Easter

Paul Veronese exhibition is sheer magnificence

The Oxford Times: Supper at Emmaus

10:49am Thursday 10th April 2014

Theresa Thompson extols the genius of Paul Veronese

Creation Theatre's Lucy Askew longs for the city hub

The Oxford Times: Lucy Askew

10:43am Thursday 10th April 2014

Lucy Askew, chief executive of Creation Theatre, longs for the city hub which is the set of so much drama and creativity

'A great heap of stone'

4:04pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

Blenheim Palace recently featured in a TV programme on the architecture of brutalism, with broadcaster Jonathan Meades describing it as a “violent statement of power”.

For Art's Sake - John Lubbock, artistic director of Orchestra of St. John's

The Oxford Times: John Lubbock

9:40am Thursday 3rd April 2014

John Lubbock finds correlations between conducting and business

Fairy-tale fantasies at The North Wall

The Oxford Times: Protective animals: Big Bad Wolf Family, by Julia Sisi

10:52am Thursday 27th March 2014

Anne James on how Oxon children have assisted in the Once Upon a Time exhibition

Maureen Gillespie is drawing inspiration from nature

The Oxford Times: Maureen Gillespie is drawing inspiration from nature

10:50am Thursday 27th March 2014

Anne James on Maureen Gillespie's solo exhibition at the SOTA Gallery in Witney

For Art's Sake - Polly Cole, interim director of Oxford Playhouse

The Oxford Times: Polly Cole

10:46am Thursday 27th March 2014

Polly Cole looks forward to Oxford Radical Theatre Season, which provides a platform to people who have taken a stand over something

Actress Lesley Joseph is flushed with success

The Oxford Times: Actress Lesley Joseph is flushed with success

10:44am Thursday 27th March 2014

Katherine MacAlister speaks to Lesley Joseph, who continues to show her remarkable versatility

For Art's Sake - Marios Papadopoulos, Music Director of Oxford Philomusica

The Oxford Times: Marios Papadopoulos

9:40am Thursday 13th March 2014

Marios Papadopoulos, Music Director of Oxford Philomusica and new MBE, thanks all who have supported him over the years

Spring exhibition is a tribute to old boy

The Oxford Times: Display: Sir Patrick's View from the Master's Lodge, St. Catherine's College, Oxford 1984

9:48am Thursday 6th March 2014

Anne James views paintings by Radley College’s famous alumnus

For Art's Sake - Paul Hobson, director of Modern Art Oxford

The Oxford Times: Paul Hobson of Modern Art Oxford

9:45am Thursday 6th March 2014

Paul Hobson, director of Modern Art Oxford, looks at an installation exploring how we relate to natural phenomena

Character reference - Interview with photographer Cambridge Jones

The Oxford Times: Popping in: Katrice Horsley glides into Oxford as Mary Poppins

9:38am Thursday 6th March 2014

Katherine MacAlister asks acclaimed Cambridge Jones about his photography project with 26 great authors — and their heroes — for The Story Museum, Oxford

Fashion forward - interview with model Phoebe Drinkall

The Oxford Times: Phoebe Drinkall

11:00am Thursday 27th February 2014

She’s beaten hundreds of pretty girls to be chosen as The Face of Oxford Fashion Week, but Phoebe Drinkall is just as beautiful on the inside, writes Katherine MacAlister

Exploring language through modern art

The Oxford Times: One of Hannah Rickards' installations at Modern Art Oxford

11:00am Thursday 27th February 2014

Anne James on two juxtaposed exhibitions by British and South African artists

For Art's Sake - Ultimate Picture Palace's Becky Hallsmith

The Oxford Times: Becky Hallsmith

11:00am Thursday 27th February 2014

Ultimate Picture Palace owner Becky Hallsmith looks at the films making the headlines as Oscar night approaches

Duo delivery tangential approach

The Oxford Times: Winter mood: Figueiredo's Teasals

9:39am Thursday 20th February 2014

Anne James views some interesting pieces displayed at Churchill Hospital

Paul Klee's work at the Tate Modern making a visible expression

The Oxford Times: Mastery of colour: Paul Klee's Park neur Lu, 1938

9:35am Thursday 20th February 2014

Theresa Thompson on one of history’s most inventive artists

For Art's Sake - Polly Cole, Interim Director of Oxford Playhouse

The Oxford Times: Polly Cole

9:32am Thursday 20th February 2014

Polly Cole, Interim Director of Oxford Playhouse, explains the efforts made to deliver arts education to young people

Helping the homeless 'in a way that seems right' - Big Issue founder John Bird

The Oxford Times: John Bird

9:30am Thursday 20th February 2014

Katherine MacAlister talks to Big Issue founder and regular Oxford Union speaker John Bird

For Art's Sake - John Lubbock, artistic director of Orcestra of St. John's

The Oxford Times: John Lubbock

9:37am Thursday 13th February 2014

John Lubbock, artistic director of Orchestra of St John’s, explains the best way to bring spontaneity to a piece

For Art's Sake - Lucy Askew of Creation Theatre

The Oxford Times: For Art's Sake - Lucy Askew of Creation Theatre

9:46am Thursday 6th February 2014

Lucy Askew, chief executive of Creation Theatre, reveals how staff get stuck into a host of jobs to support the charity’s work

How Port Meadow beauty inspired us

The Oxford Times: 'Translated into paint': Wytham Looking NE 2012

9:37am Thursday 30th January 2014

Art Jericho’s new owner is bringing a fresh approach. Anne James reports

For Art's Sake - Modern Art Oxford

The Oxford Times: Paul Hobson outside Modern Art Oxford

9:34am Thursday 30th January 2014

Paul Hobson, director of Modern Art Oxford, on how art can be inspiring, beautiful, challenging and unsettling

For Art's Sake - Oxfordshire Artsweek

10:19am Thursday 23rd January 2014

Esther Lafferty looks ahead to May’s Oxfordshire Artweeks, when artists throw open their doors and invite us to look in

When Blenheim was made into a hospital

The Oxford Times: Blenheim Palace as it is now

10:17am Thursday 23rd January 2014

Sylvia Vetta sees how the palace is commemorating the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War

Northern Highlights - Iain Hodgkinson

The Oxford Times: Birds' Nest

9:32am Thursday 16th January 2014

Anne James analyses the art and appeal of a master printmaker

For Art's Sake - Ashmolean's Christopher Brown

The Oxford Times: Ashmolean director Prof Christopher Brown

9:29am Thursday 16th January 2014

Christopher Brown looks forward to some of the exciting exhibitions coming to the Ashmolean Museum in 2014

Pot luck: Interview with Antiques Roadshow's Eric Knowles

The Oxford Times: Face value: Eric Knowles

9:25am Thursday 16th January 2014

Antiques expert Eric Knowles’ story is well worth telling, finds Katherine MacAlister

For Art's Sake - Oxford Philomusica's successful year

The Oxford Times: Marios Papadopoulos

10:27am Thursday 9th January 2014

Marios Papadopoulos, newly made an MBE, on how Oxford Philomusica made a dramatic recovery from a crisis in 2013

Shows to look out for at the Ashmolean in 2014

The Oxford Times: The judgement of Paris, made mid-to-late 17th century

10:22am Thursday 9th January 2014

Great impressions - Theresa Thompson previews a year of stunning Ashmolean shows

On The Horizon - Events and shows coming your way

The Oxford Times: What's On module top link image

10:16am Thursday 2nd January 2014

Stay one step ahead with our look at events and shows coming in the next few months

For Art's Sake - Top ten film picks of 2013

9:50am Thursday 2nd January 2014

Becky Hallsmith, owner of the Ultimate Picture Palace, reveals the top ten films of last year — as chosen by her staff

Sci-fi author Brian Aldiss gets a little close for 'Comfort'

The Oxford Times: Wild thing: Brian Aldiss

1:58pm Thursday 19th December 2013

Giles Woodforde talks to Brian Adliss, author of 'Comfort Zone Launch'

For Art's Sake - Words do not help people appreciate good music

1:54pm Thursday 19th December 2013

John Lubbock, artistic director at the Orchestra of St John’s, says words do not help people to appreciate good music

Blue remembered hills

9:00am Thursday 4th July 2013

'Along this particular stretch of line no express had passed,’ wrote Aldous Huxley. His alter ego, Denis, was on the train to Crome, a thinly disguised Garsington Manor, home of the literary salon of Ottoline Morrell.

Folk girl Jackie Oates Waking up to lullabies

The Oxford Times: Dream time: Jackie Oates

10:44am Thursday 18th April 2013

Tim Hughes speaks to Jackie Oates ahead of her Oxford Folk Weekend gig

In Betjeman's footsteps

8:10am Thursday 4th April 2013

Today’s poets can only marvel at John Betjeman’s popularity. By the time he died in 1984, he had sold more than two million copies of his books. He is now remembered for urging the Germans to drop their “friendly bombs” on Slough, as well as his passion for Victorian churches and young ladies playing tennis.

For art's sake: jazz and cider are a match made in heaven

The Oxford Times: Match perfect: Fans, band... and trademark drink

4:07pm Thursday 21st February 2013

Tim Hughes feels Rabbit Foot’s venture into cider is a match made in heaven for those wanting to hop on the dancefloor

A stroll with Barbara Pym

2:04pm Tuesday 12th February 2013

Barbara Pym’s characters do not usually go for long walks in the country. The furthest they walk is from their homes in old-fashioned English villages to tea in the vicarage, or to church.

Shazia Mirza: Beyond the veil

The Oxford Times: Proving herself: Shazia Mirza

11:13am Thursday 31st January 2013

Katherine MacAlister talks faith, home and comedy with Shazia Mirza ahead of her return to ‘intellectual’ Oxford

Beverley chills

The Oxford Times: Beverley chills

11:47am Thursday 24th January 2013

Katherine MacAlister talks to Hannah Waterman about her upcoming turn as hideous hostess Beverley in a new stage version of Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party

Over the hills and far away

4:22pm Tuesday 15th January 2013

Oxford walkers making for the hills often choose the Cotswolds or the Chilterns, so I was intrigued when I saw a walk entitled ‘Oxford Hills and the River Thame’ in a small book called Walking in the Thames Valley.

2012: Reflections on a cracking year of live music in Oxfordshire

The Oxford Times: Best fest: The crowd lap up the atmosphere at Truck Festival

11:30am Monday 31st December 2012

Tim Hughes has been watching bands everywhere from a cowshed to a crypt in 2012. He shares his most memorable moments . . . including Rufus Wainwright in a loin cloth

Making waves - Towan Valley is Cornish paradise

The Oxford Times: The Porthtowan cliffs lashed by rain

5:54pm Friday 7th December 2012

We were clambering along the bare knuckle of one of Porthtowan's cliffs when the storm hit.Not just a dousing of English rain, but the full force of Mother Nature chasing in, throwing a whole bruised sky at us. And, with nowhere to hide, I just got soaked, took my wet jeans off and - um, how to say this without being sectioned? - listened to the voices.

Gaz Coombes is better than Alright

The Oxford Times: Solo star: Gaz Coombes

1:49pm Thursday 25th October 2012

Gaz Coombes talks to Tim Hughes about life outside Supergrass - and being back where he belongs

The Sayle of the century

The Oxford Times: The Sayle of the century

3:21pm Thursday 4th October 2012

There seems to be a trend adopted by comedians — good ones anyway. They start out, work ferociously hard to get to where they want to, tour relentlessly, do TV and then burn out and stop, bored of the nomadic loneliness of stand-up. But after years in the wilderness, the itch just won’t go away. It gets worse with every year of exile until, unable to contain themselves, they’re forced back on stage, older and wiser. This has been the case recently with Stephen Merchant, Paul Merton, Alan Davies and now Alexei Sayle, who last toured in anger last century.

Preview of the annual Charles Simonyi Lecture by science guru Luc Steels

3:17pm Thursday 4th October 2012

Luc Steels is late for our interview. Apparently there’s an emergency and he needs to postpone. As he’s an expert in developing robot behaviour, I had visions of him trying to contain a James Bond style break-out at his HQ in Barcelona. Disappointingly it turns out to be a personal matter and nothing to worry about.


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