TWO Oxford artists are inviting the public to come in out of the cold and “breathe some life” into their latest exhibition called Freeze.

Lifelong friends Rachel Ducker and Rachel Owen, also known as ‘the Gilbert and George of Oxford’ open their new exhibition of sculpture and print at the O3 Gallery at the Oxford Castle tomorrow.

The exhibition explores capturing a single instant; a freeze-frame of a fleeting moment in time, and the public are invited to read into each piece what they will.

Ms Ducker, 42, from Oxford, who sculpts mostly in wire, said: “I am trying to harness a huge amount of energy in my pieces.

“All the works are untitled – to me it is very important that people can bring their own interpretation.”

Both artists have exhibited around the country, but keep coming back to the cosy O3 gallery.

Ms Ducker said: “Helen Statham who runs it is fantastic, and it is a nice space because it is different.”

The exhibition runs until January 27.

For details, visit or call 01865 246131.