HUNDREDS of men are today grabbing their razors to bid farewell to Movember in style.

Scores of Oxfordshire men – and even some women and children – joined in the global effort to raise money and awareness for men’s health.

At the beginning of November, Simon Kenton, 40, who runs waste organisation Community Action Groups Oxfordshire, shaved off his beard for the first time in 20 years.

Since then, he has been growing a moustache modelled on a Second World War fighter pilot, and has even grown a persona to go with it – Wing Commander Harry Sassmaster.

He said: “The whole thing is based on a picture I have of my grandfather from the war.”

Mr Kenton roped in nine friends, raising about £1,000.

He added: “We all had a great time with it. You walk along the street, and you see someone and think ‘he would not normally wear a moustache’.

“Then you will catch each other’s eye and give a sly nod or a wink. It is like being in fight club or something.”

At the Red Lion in Stratton Audley, Tony Jones and Vince Moran persuaded 110 men into their Tash-on-Audley group in an attempt to raise £10,000.

Mr Jones, 49, is celebrating after a successful operation for penile cancer this year, while Mr Moran, 52, grew his moustache in loving memory of his wife Tracy, who died of cancer in June this year, aged 47.

Mr Jones said: “Everyone knows how close to the heart this is. There were people doing it that I would never have thought in my life would do it.”

While his wife was undergoing treatment, he went to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford every day for seven weeks.

It was then that he discovered how common cancer is. He said: “They have got five rooms for cancer patients, with 40 beds, and every day it was full.”

Mr Moran was not only growing his moustache but also his hair. He has been shaven-headed for 12 years and said: “I did not know what to expect, I did not even know what colour it was, and I found I had a full head of hair.

“I will definitely keep the hair, but I am sick of the moustache, I will be glad when that has gone.”

At scientific publisher Elsevier in Kidlington, Alan Stud-holme, 56, and seven colleagues were not modelling themselves as fashion icons.

He said: “The moustaches have not got to the waxing stage yet, although I think there has been some trimming.”

They are hoping to beat their total from last year of £600.