TWO ANTIQUE duelling pistols were among the treasures unveiled when a celebrity antiques expert visited Wallingford.

Jonty Hearnden, star of Antiques Roadshow and Cash in the Attic, visited the Westgate House care home on Saturday.

The pistols belonged to the late husband of Andrienne Hacker, from Woodcote, n.

Mrs Hacker, 70, said: “My husband Richard was in the classic bike business. In the 70s he had a customer who could not pay him, who gave him these pistols in part exchange.”

Mr Hearnden explained that they were 19th century duelling pistols, and valued them at £1,500.

He added that in the right auction they could fetch even more.

Mrs Hacker said: “I will keep them in a box, all wrapped up to protect them from the sunlight. I would not want to sell them, I would feel I was giving a part of my husband away.”

Lesley Ethelston, inset, took along an art deco figure which she picked up in an antique shop in Sydney, Australia.

The statue is a “striker”, used for lighting matches.

Mrs Ethelston, 62, said: “I thought it was a Lorenzl, because that is what it is signed, but I found out it is not.

“I love her anyway, I just wanted to find out a bit more about her.”