OXFORDSHIRE schools will receive more than £700,000 extra cash to cater for children who have parents serving in the country’s armed forces.

The service child premium gives schools an extra £300 for each child who attends the school and fits the criteria.

Figures indicate there will be 2,348 children in the county in receipt of the service child premium for 2013-2014.

The largest number are in Prime Minister David Cameron’s Witney constituency, with 814 youngsters meaning schools are likely to receive a £244,200 cash boost.

Schools in the Witney constituency will receive the ninth highest sum of any parliamentary constituency in England.

It is anticipated there will be 577 children in the Wantage constituency, qualifying for £172,950 in funding, 392 in Henley, netting £117,600, 295 in Oxford West and Abingdon, receiving £88,500 and 261 in Banbury, expecting £78,300.