THIS Little Owl is no twit, wooing his sweetheart.

His “John Travolta” dance even elicited a little ’owl of delight from his feathered friend.

And the courting was all caught on camera by former Oxford Mail photographer George Reszeter when he was at a bird-watching spot near Appleton in south Oxfordshire last Friday.

He said: “I came across the scene and sat there patiently for hours and hours, but I got lost in the moment.

“The male did a little “John Travolta” dance for his female, and she gave a little scream of delight.

“When he wooed his female and she was all lovey-dovey behind him, he gave a little wink to the camera.

“He won her over.”

Mr Reszeter, who lives in Wootton near Abingdon, added: “There are quite a few little owls around if you know where to look, but to get something like this is absolutely amazing.”

The owls are just eight inches tall, a third the size of their tawny cousins.

James Channon, 28, who runs Fallowfields Falconry in nearby Southmoor, said catching owls displaying such affection was a rare treat. He said: “Little owls are not particularly common, and to catch that level of behaviour is rare.

“I would not personally call them affectionate.

“They sit next to each other and preen, but it’s not normally a case of ‘get your coat, you’ve pulled.”

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