A WOMAN has this morning denied wrongly accusing a man of sexually exploiting her.

The young woman is being questioned by defence barristers in the Old Bailey trial of nine men accused of raping and selling underage girls for sex in Oxford.

The witness, known as Girl 2, claims she was raped and trafficked for sex when she was 14 by Kamar Jamil and brothers Akhtar and Anjum Dogar in 2006.

But Jamil's barrister Sally O'Neill argued it was a case of mistaken identity.

She said: "I am suggesting you have got it wrong.

"Your memory is wrong when you say it was K Dog (Jamil) who drove you to these places.

"I'm not saying you weren't driven, I'm not saying these things didn't happen to you. I am simply saying your memory is not right."

But the witness said: "No. It was K Dog."

The jury heard the girl had a "disruptive" childhood after being taken into care aged seven.

The woman, now in her 20s, said she started to get drunk with friends when she was 12.

She said it was Girl 1, who lived at the same children's home, who introduced her to the alleged gang when she was 14.

She claims she was driven to parks, homes, and a guest house, to have sex with men.

Asked by Miss O'Neill if it was a "confusing" time, she said: "It all happened quickly.

"It was a lot to handle and keep up with."

The woman said she was taken to party by Jamil but he left and she was made to have sex with a man in a toilet.

Girl 2 also said she lied to police and made sex allegations to protect the men. Speaking about the time when she called police to a flat in St Thomas Mews because she feared she would be raped, she said: "I could have said anything to the police at the time because I was drunk.

"It was all drunk talk. So these men wouldn't get in trouble."

And when Miss O'Neill asked how good her memory is, she said: "It's good enough to know what's happened to me."

The woman came forward to police after seeing television coverage of the arrests under Operation Bullfinch last March.

Andrew Jefferies, Akhar Dogar's barrister, asked the witness why his client's name had not been mentioned in her first police statement in April.

She replied: "It was too much to remember at the time. I couldn't get it out."

And when Mr Jefferies asked her why yesterday she said she had had sex with Akhar Dogar, she said she had made a mistake and had only had oral sex with him.

She also denied telling care workers in 2006 that she and Girl 1 had been prostituting themselves.

All nine men deny all 79 charges against them.

The trial continues.