BREASTFEEDING mums past and present came together at Berinsfield Children’s Centre for a celebration of six years of support services.

Six years ago this month, the centre introduced the Baby Lunchbox Group, a drop-in session for breastfeeding mums with support from midwives, other mums and trained support workers.

Since then, 250 mums have visited, some coming just once for help mastering the technique of feeding their baby, others becoming regulars and using it as an opportunity to socialise.

Some of the youngsters who came to the celebration at the Wimblestraw Road centre on Monday have long since been weaned, and parents brought pictures of their children when they were still breastfeeding and today.

Breastfeeding support worker and deputy centre manager Ruth Harding said: “Some came with children, some came without, some are breastfeeding now, while some are not doing it any more but came to us when it first began.

“It was really nice.”

About 30 mums and children attended.