ENVIRONMENT Agency bosses say they no longer fear homes will be flooded in Oxfordshire today and over the weekend after the weather forecast improved.

Met Office forecasters revealed they only expected 10-15mm of rain today, rather than the previously forecast 20mm.

Kate Vincent, Environment Agency flood resilience manager, said: “River levels are still high but not as high as they were in December when we last had serious flooding. If, however, there is a lot more rain then the situation could change.” Last night nine flood alerts were in place in Oxfordshire, meaning residents should be prepared.

Yesterday, a 45ft narrowboat had to be rescued by 15 people who roped it in after it broke free from its moorings on the Thames near Abingdon Marina.

Stewart Crawley, 37, from Abingdon, said: “The boat floated downstream towards Culham and got stuck next to the weir at Culham.”