HOAX phonecalls come in all shapes and sizes, but Clare Parrack and Martin Mulligan were baffled when it turned out one from a David Cameron sound-alike was real.

Despite their initial cynicism, the call from the Prime Minister and Witney MP telling the Eynsham residents they had won £1,000 in B&Q vouchers was not a hoax.

Mr Cameron, their MP, had called them on the afternoon of February 14 and left a message for interior designer Ms Parrack, 53.

But the former Oxford Mail and BBC journalist said initially she didn’t believe it was really him.

She said: “It was somebody who sounded remarkably like David Cameron. He said he was ringing to tell me I had won £1,000, but he said I might not believe that and said I could call his office to confirm.

“I rushed upstairs to play the message to Martin, who was also quite cynical, but in the process the message got deleted.

“Then all we had was this mobile number he had called from, so I called it back and this fruity voice answered. “He said ‘you must be Clare Parrack’ and explained he was visiting the B&Q HQ and had been asked to call a couple of competition winners.

“Then I started to think it might be real.”

Ms Parrack eventually got confirmation from the B&Q press office that Mr Cameron had indeed been at their Hampshire base, and she was able to tell her Financial Times journalist husband Martin, 56, and son Matthew that it was all true.

She said the prize money would be spent on the couple’s own house in Hanborough Close.

Mr Cameron said: “On a recent visit to B&Q headquarters in Eastleigh, I was delighted to have the opportunity to telephone my constituent, Clare Parrack, to let her know that she was a winner in their prize draw.

“Although I don’t think Clare believed me when I told her, it was wonderful to deliver such good news.”