VOLUNTEER archaeologists are hoping garden digs this weekend will unearth more about Littlemore’s medieval past.

The Archaeology of East Oxford Project did not find anything of major historical significance last weekend.

But they said this did not matter as the digs helped create a clearer picture of the area’s history.

More than 20 volunteers last weekend helped the project gather samples from six spots.

The group came across medieval pottery, pieces of clay pipe, and the structural remains of a Victorian outbuilding.

Project supervisor Jo Robinson said although little of historical significance was found, the area still had potential.

She added: “The point of the project is to bring back the focus and importance of heritage underneath your feet. You don’t tend to think about what’s in your garden as exciting archaeology.”

The group has now dug 63 ‘tests pits’ in Littlemore since 2011.

Nine-year-old volunteer Amy Goodspeed, from Long Lane, said: “I like doing the digging.

“You are filled with anticipation because you never know what is going to happen.”