VOTERS in Didcot are facing another by-election after town councillor Jane Murphy was ordered to leave after failing to attend meetings for the past six months.

Mrs Murphy, a town councillor for six years, last attended a council meeting in February.

But, as the Conservative has not turned up to any meetings since, she has to leave.

Earlier this month, David Rouane was elected as a Liberal Democrat councillor in a by-election after the resignation of Tory Andrew Bailey, who moved out of the area.

Mrs Murphy represented All Saints ward and a notice of the vacancy has been posted.

Mrs Murphy, who runs a pest control business, said: “It’s not that onerous being a member of the council, but unfortunately it was too much for me.

“There’s been a recession and you have to work a bit harder so something had to go. I now live in South Moreton, not in Didcot.”

Town council leader Margaret Davies said the Labour group would not call for a by-election as the £1,000 cost would be too much for the council’s by-elections fund. She said: “We have just had one so the cupboard is pretty bare at the moment.”

If 10 voters fail to request a by-election within 14 days of August 22, then the new town councillor will be co-opted.