A COUNCIL chairman says he is “embarrassed” over delays to bring a bollard to Kidlington to enforce its one-way system.

Kidlington Parish Council chairman David Betts spoke six months after cash was announced for the High Street works.

The road was pedestrianised in April last year but relied on motorists to obey a sign preventing one way traffic towards Banbury Road.

Mr Betts said the parish council had been calling for a year for the bollard which would rise from 10am to 4.30pm stopping traffic.

In June, Cherwell District Council said it would pay for the £52,000 bollard and split £3,000-a-year running costs with the parish council.

But this required agreement from Oxfordshire County Council, responsible for roads.

Mr Betts said: “We are now pressing them for a timetable because it is becoming increasingly embarrassing for the parish council.

“People just keep asking what going on and I have to say, the High Street is hellish.

“I was there on Monday and there were 15 parked cars down there and cars driving down the wrong way.”

He said: “It is wholly unsatisfactory from the parish council’s point of view. There is a momentum lost somewhere and I am personally trying to put that back.”

The sign informing motorists of the restrictions, by Barclay’s Bank does not help as it is not clearly worded, he said.

It says restrictions apply: “M’night-10am. 4.30pm-M’night. Permit holders at any time.”

Cherwell District Council chairman Jemma Callow said: “We have monthly meetings with Kidlington Parish Council to keep them informed of updates and progress regarding the bollard.

“The December meeting was deferred at the request of Kidlington Parish Council until January 9 as the project was seen to be progressing.

“At the next meeting we anticipate the majority of issues will have been resolved with just legal matters outstanding.”

The council created the restrictions to tackle “constant traffic movements and indiscriminate parking”.

People would be able to apply for a swipe card to lower the bollard under the plan.

David Bartlett, of Bartletts butchers, in the village’s pedestrianised zone, said: “No-one is taking any notice of the signs or anything. Not a lot has changed.”

County council spokesman Sam Henry said: “We are awaiting information from Cherwell District Council in order to complete the legal agreement.”