EIGHT streets in the OX2 postcode have been named as some of the most expensive in England – with an average property price of £1.13 million.

In a list of the 250 top roads for property prices in the country – topped by Egerton Crescent in Kensington and Chelsea – the city had seven entries but the mopst pricey was in Cumnor Hill. Its £1.26m price tag was nowhere near the No.1 ranking London borough’s average of more than £7.3m.

The data, compiled by Lloyds Bank, reveals it is North Oxford – in the OX2 postcode – where homes are, on average, the most expensive.

Spicers Field in Oxshott, Surrey, is the most expensive street outside Greater London, where a property is selling for an average of £3.5m.

Only one street outside of the city – Hid’s Copse Road in Cumnor Hill – beats the property value, with homes there going for around £1.26m.

But the figures, which are based on property sales, have surprised residents who were shocked not to see more obvious names on the list, such as Belbroughton Road, Norham Gardens, and Linton Road.

Residents in Bainton Road – in the OX2 7AG postcode – live on the most expensive street in the city, according to the data, where homes are valued at more than £1.2m. This is followed by Woodstock Road, Farndon Road, Charlbury Road, Lucerne Road, Frenchay Road and Kingston Road.

St Margarets ward councillor Jim Campbell, who lives in Frenchay Road, said: “There are much more expensive streets than those mentioned. Residents on those streets on the list are comfortable, but those are definitely not the most expensive in Oxford or the UK.”

Ian Taylor, who has lived in Frenchay Road for 19 years, said the results were “cobblers”.

But Farndon Road resident Sue Ledwith said: “I am not surprised. I think the house prices at this end of Oxford are obscene, especially when there is a shortage of affordable housing in the city.”

The Oxford Times:

Councillor James Fry

North ward councillor James Fry said the figures could be skewed because many homes in those roads are not up for sale as frequently.

He said: “I live in Rawlinson Road, which has some very expensive homes, but I think there has only been one house sold here in the last three or four years.”

Director of Summertown estate agent Kemp and Kemp, Graham MacDonald, agreed there were several more expensive streets in the city not mentioned.

He said: “I found houses selling in some North Oxford roads at £2.45m (Park Town), £4.75m (Chadlington Road), £3.25m (Bradmore Road), £3.2m (Linton Road), £4m (Crick Road) and £3.565m (Northmoor Road).”

Lloyds Bank only included streets where there were at least seven houses sold between 2008 and 2013, and were recorded on the Land Registry.

Cllr Campbell added: “North Oxford is a very desirable place to live for many reasons. The very good private and state schools in the area add to that.”