TALKING about cyclist safety always kicks off a vigorous reaction, but we once again urge all on two wheels to seriously consider donning helmets.

Today we report the inquest into the death of Mark Orchard, the cyclist found lying at the bottom of a hill near Bayworth last June.

There is some thought that if Mr Orchard had been wearing a helmet his injuries may not have been so severe.

Of course we can never be definitive over this but it remains our view that any cyclist should really consider equipping themselves with every possible safeguard.

The vast majority of cyclists are responsible and safety conscious, but there remain those who either believe misfortune will never befall them or that other road users must steer clear of them so they do not need to don such things.

But that ignores simple physics. Cyclists are terribly exposed when involved in an accident, particularly when another, heavier, vehicle is involved.

It defies belief that anyone in this day and age does not take full advantage of items such as lights or high-visibility clothing to reduce the risk of having an accident, or helmets to try to minimise the potential injuries.