A SUPPRESSED Government report recommends building a new garden city in Oxfordshire, it has been claimed.

Liberal Democrat president Tim Farron said his coalition partners feared the proposals could alienate voters ahead of next year’s General Election.

The report was initially commissioned after a speech by Prime Minister David Cameron two years ago in which he supported the idea of garden cities to tackle the housing shortage.

Mr Farron believed the report identified two potential sites, one in Oxfordshire and the other in Buckinghamshire.

And he has now accused Mr Cameron of deliberately suppressing its publication.

The sites would provide thousands of homes and include schools, transport and infastructure to support whole new communities.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “This report needs to come out now and come out quickly. The Tories are displaying a Nimby attitude towards garden cities.”

Last week Liberal Democrat deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg said he hoped plans would be published as soon as possible.

Housing Minister Kris Hopkins said: “This Government is committed to working with local communities to build more homes and promote sustainable development.

“This includes providing finance for those large-scale housing projects that are locally supported and have the full backing of the community.”

In July, Newbury-based planning consultant Ken Dijksman revealed he had created a plan for a 30,000-home new city on land between Abingdon, Steventon, and the Hanneys near Wantage.