KIRSTY Brown is flying the flag for her school, and she designed it.

The 15-year-old from Abingdon won a competition at the town’s Larkmead School to design the new school banner.

She officially raised her new flag in a ceremony on Wednesday morning.

Kirsty said “When I first heard about the flag competition, I was fascinated.

“I tried multiple different designs at home; in the end I put all of my ideas together to create one.

“Once I entered my design, I was nervously waiting for the result, wondering what my fellow students and the public thought of it.”

She said her design visualised the key elements important to the school ethos – red for a warm-hearted community, green to encourage growth and the blue symbolises a community environment.

The gold Larkmead wing in a forward motion indicates the aspirations of the school to achieve flight for its students.

Kirsty added: “The designing process was very exciting.

“Being at Larkmead for five years and having the opportunity to be the first student to design a flag is overwhelming.

“I feel proud to see my work on the flag pole underneath the Union Jack.”