ASPIRING musicians had a taste of what they could learn by attending a new music group at Witney’s Fat Lil’s.

The session was held on Thursday in the Corn Street bar to promote Oxford charity Fusion Art’s new course which will be held at Witney youth club on Thursdays, beginning tomorrow.

It will teach lyric writing, performance techniques and production skills to young hip-hop hopefuls.

Part-time producer and musician Lottie “Exonic” Carter performed at the event, as well as Andy “Death of HiFi” Hill.

Miss Carter, 20, from West End in Witney, said: “It was a good way to promote the course.

“Learning to write lyrics and perform is a great way to improve your confidence.”

Lizzy McBain, 31, of Fusion Art said the course would last 10 weeks.

The “Beat This” music masterclasses will take place every Thursday at Witney’s youth club from 4pm until 6pm.

For more information, call 01865 245735.