PLANS for a 300-place technology studio school in Bicester have been approved by the Government.

Activate Learning, formerly the Oxford and Cherwell Valley College group, submitted a proposal last year to create a college for 14 to 19-year-olds to gain vocational and academic qualifications.

Yesterday, Education Secretary Michael Gove approved the bid, which will include funding for the project. The Government has not confirmed the amount, however.

Lee Nicholls, Activate Learning’s executive director curriculum, standards and academies, said the school responds to Bicester’s growing education and training needs.

He said: “It will not only help to meet local skills needs and support the town’s further growth, but also ensure that local pupils emerge with the skills needed for immediate employment.

“We believe that this will improve student employability and support the sustainability of the local economy.”

Youngsters will continue to study maths, English and science, but would also work on a vocational qualification and receive mentoring from businesses.

Mr Nicholls said the location of the school, which could open in September 2016, had yet to be decided and it was considering “a number of potential sites”.