THERE were relieved cries of “thank you” as four men were cleared of using metal chairs as weapons during a brawl.

Adam Doyle, 27, of Ladder Hill, Wheatley; Andre Hurst, 25, of Broad Street, Banbury; Waqas Khan, 20, of Furlong Close, Oxford; and Dexter Williams, 24, of Coriander Way, Greater Leys, had all denied one count of violent disorder and one of possessing offensive weapons at the Taste of Jamaica takeaway, in Cowley Road, Littlemore, on July 29.

The jury returned unanimous not guilty verdicts for all defendants following a five-day trial.

The jury heard a man pulled up in a BMW outside the takeaway, where Hurst, Khan and Williams were buying food at about 7.30pm. They heard the man got out of the car carrying a baseball bat and smashed the business’ glass door, which prompted the trio to pick up metal chairs and run outside.

Prosecutor Robert Spencer-Bernard said Doyle was on the opposite side of the fight to the other defendants, and was found sitting in Champion Way with a black eye and facial cuts.

Williams was found by police with facial injuries at the William Morris pub in Between Towns Road.

It was alleged both Doyle and Williams had been hit by a car.