Once again Oxfordshire's public services swung into action when flooding struck the city and county in January 2014. To demonstrate our gratitude for their work, we asked the various organisations involved to submit lists of staff who worked so that, in some small way, their efforts could be recognised.

Oxfordshire County Council

Emergency Planning staff
In the emergency planning team it was:
Bethan Morgan – County Emergency Planning Officer
Ian Travers Smith – Business Continuity Manager
Richard Gosling – Emergency planning officer
Dave Johnson – Emergency Planning Officer
Carol MacKay – Emergency planning officer

Our Emergency Response staff who helped out in the Emergency Operations centre were:
Stuart Hemming – Cherwell & South Northants District Council
Sian Hodgson – Oxford City Council
Trevor Jackson – Oxford City Council
Sian Rodway – OCC CEF Contractor
Ewan Siret – OCC Bridges Team
Sandra Pearce – Transport Service Manager (and the transport teams including the Integrated Transport Unit)
Tim White – Customer Service Centre (and the Customer Service Team)

County Council staff (including social care)
John Dixon – Deputy Director Adult Social Care
Rachel Atiyah – Locality Manager Adult Social Care
Julia Baird – Quality and Contracts Officer
Nadia Baker – Adult Social Care Coordinator
Louise Barrett – Social Worker
Mary Barrett – Commissioning and Contracts Manager
Rachel Bloodworth-Strong – Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Martin Bradshaw – Major Projects Officer
Toni Bremble – Senior Engagement Officer
Karen Buckingham - Locality Manager
James Carter – Information analyst
Alan Cockbill – Electrical Inspector
Andrew Colling – Contracts and Procurement Manager
Jane Cook – Adult Social care Coordinator
Laurence Dowden - Commissioning and Contracts Manager
Shelley Edwards – Schools Liaison Officer
Mark Eley - Adult Social care Coordinator
Jamie Fletcher - Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Claire Franks -  Adult Social care Coordinator
Lynne French – facilities manager
Mark Ginsburg – Social Worker
Joanna Goodey – Attendance and engagement Officer
Carol Harris – Personal assistant
Debbie Hempsall – Business systems Officer
Clare Hewitt -  Adult Social care Coordinator
Roger Hiley – Education and early Intervention Manager
Tanya Hillier - Practice Supervisor Adult Social Care
Matthew Hodges - Adult Social care Coordinator
Barbara Hughes – Social and Community Services Officer
David Illingworth – Senior Financial Advisor
Mary Koston – Social Worker
Janet Leach – Organisation Development Officer
Maria Melbourne – Area service manager Adult Social care
Virginia Moffatt – Quality and Contracts Manager
Sheila Mott – Social Worker
Janice Nicholls – Community Hub Team leader
Clare Parker -  Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Judith Passant – Library Systems Support Officer
Rachel Pirie -  Quality and Contracts Manager
Julia Sammons – Support Officer
Kate Skinner -  Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Ben Smith – Hearing Impairment Support Worker
Sally Smith – Senior Practitioner adult Social care
Mary Snow - Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Lucia Takawira – Social worker
Julie Thomas - Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Fred Toon – Substance misuse worker
Frankie Upton – Waste Project manager
Kate Warrington – Oxford City Council
Michelle Wells  - Practice Supervisor
Matt Hodges – Adult Social Care
Kate Skinner – Adult Social Care
Natalie James – Adult Social Care
Jamie Fletcher – Adult Social Care
Nicki Lovelock - Adult Social Care
Louise Wilson – Senior Technicians highways
Claire Minns - Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Michelle House - Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Claire Hardy – Coordinator
Marcia Bowden – Coordinator
Cis Iles – Coordinator
Ali Ingram - Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Ian Mott – Social Worker
Claire Law – Social Worker
Pam Bradshaw – Locality Manager
Zoe Franklin -  Occupational Therapist Adult Social Care
Tanya Hillier – Practice Supervisor
Ele Crichton – Commissioning Manager
Debbie Hempsal – Business systems officer

Bob Burgess
Keith Stenning
Louise Wilson
Chris Softley
Dan Depp
Vanessa Buckley
Matt Timms
Tracey Morton
Stuart Bowler
Brett Hayes
Mick Stoner
Simon Bower
Luke Le Page
Vince Mundy
Allan Sibley

Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire & Rescue Service
David Etheridge
Nathan Travis
Simon Furlong
Nigel Wilson
John Lloyd
Grahame Mitchell
Jason Crapper
Mat Carlile
Stuart Garner
David Heycock
Rob MacDougall
Richard Smith
John Nixon
Kerry Blair
Chris Wilson
Marcus Reay
Graham Turner
Mick Clarke
Paul Molloy
Toby Perry
Gary Coupar
Mark Ames
Nick Bateman
Brian Butler
Dave Bray
Matt Morgan
Steve Anderson
Nick Bourke
Mike Adcock
Paul Webster
Jim Davies
Julian Green
Darran Hookway
Bob Speakman
Gary D'anger
Gary Mattingley
Guy Dunkley
Paul Bremble
Don Crook
Mark Griffin
Matt Nind
Steve Johns

Fire Control personnel based at Fire & Rescue HQ, Kidlington
Reception Staff based at Fire & Rescue HQ, Kidlington

All Wholetime Personnel on the following stations:

Red Watch, Banbury Fire Station
Green Watch, Banbury Fire Station
White Watch, Banbury Fire Station
Blue Watch, Banbury Fire Station
On Call Staff, Banbury Fire Station

Red Watch, Kidlington Fire Station
Blue Watch, Kidlington Fire Station
On Call Staff, Kidlington Fire Station

Red Watch, Rewley Road Fire Station
Green Watch, Rewley Road Fire Station
White Watch, Rewley Road Fire Station
Blue Watch, Rewley Road Fire Station
On Call Staff, Rewley Road Fire Station

Red Watch, Abingdon Fire Station
Blue Watch, Abingdon Fire Station
On Call Staff, Abingdon  Fire Station

Red Watch, Slade Fire Station
Green Watch, Slade Fire Station
White Watch, Slade Fire Station
Blue Watch, Slade Fire Station
On Call Staff, Slade Fire Station

Red Watch, Didcot Fire Station
Blue Watch, Didcot Fire Station
On Call Staff, Didcot Fire Station

Oxfordshire County Council’s Communications team

Oxford City Council
Graham Bourton – Head of Direct Services
Jeff Ridgley – Business Development & Fleet Manager
Doug Loveridge – Streetscene Services Manager
Adrian Moss – Assistant Streetscene Operations Manager
Geoff Corps – Cleaner Greener Services Manager
Bob Brown – Waste Operations Manager (Duty Officer)
Chris Hall – Waste Supervisor
Tony Bartlett – Commercial Waste Supervisor
Greg Duckett – Waste Supervisor
Graham Woelki – Waste Team Leader
Stuart Timony – Waste Team Leader
Jed Trinder – Waste Team Leader
Les Griffiths – Waste Operational Support Officer
Terry Rose – Refuse & Recycling Loader
Paul Cuddy – Refuse & Recycling Loader
Ryan Davies – Refuse & Recycling Loader
Ray Wild – Recycling Liaison Officer
Stewart Downs – Flats Recycling Officer
Elizabeth Brown – Depot and Facilities Manager
Martin Shields – Health and Safety Advisor
Steve Carter – Estate Officer Supervisor
Mark Pitman – Estate Officer
Martyn Holliday – Estate Officer
James Thorpe – Estate Officer
Sam Newbigging – Estate Officer
Alysha Masih – Operational Support Officer
Sophie Hearn – Technical Support Officer
Ollie Hearn – Highways Supervisor
David Tidball – Assistant Highways Technician
Robin Ingram – Housing Footpaths & Communal Area Inspector
Andy Whittington – Highways Operational Manager
Andrew Burchett – Highways Technician
Sam Bowler – Skilled Roadworker
Trevor Brown – Skilled Roadworker
John Gifford – Skilled Roadworker
Jonathan Lake – Skilled Roadworker
Daniel Murphy – Skilled Roadworker
Terry Murphy – Skilled Roadworker
Anthony Oakes – Skilled Roadworker
Jason Rathband – Skilled Roadworker
Nathan Rockett – Signshop & Road Marking Apprentice
Brian Simmonds – Skilled Roadworker
Brian Turner – Skilled Roadworker
Barrie Welford – Signshop Technician
Keith Weller – Skilled Roadworker
Neil Whittington – Skilled Roadworker
Shaun Hatton – Highways & Engineering Manager (Flood Response Leader)
Sean Fry – Responsive Building Operations Manager
Justin Atkinson – Responsive Repairs Team Leader
Steve Boyd – Responsive Repairs Team Leader
Chris West – Multi Skilled Operative
Brian Hartree – Welder / Maintenance Worker
Jason Ball – Glazier
Ben Strang – Maintenance Worker
David Greenaway – Carpenter / Joiner
David Lyons – Contracts Estimator / Manager (Duty Officer)
Chris Wells – Multi Trade Operative
David Hancock – Glazier
Paul Oates – Carpenter / Joiner
Ian Freemantle – Carpenter / Joiner
Jon Cavanagh – Drains Person
Paul Beesley – Electrician
Steve Pottinger – Electrician
Ian Bourton – Fleet & Business Services Manager (Duty Officer)
Charlie Norton – Apprentice Vehicle Service Adviser
James Morrison – Vehicle Technician
Mark Perisi – Vehicle Technician
Lee Wood – Fleet Technical Officer
Phil Barrett  – Vehicle Technician
Billy Hendron – Grounds Maintenance Operative - Streetscene
Boguslaw Bajorski – Streetscene Operative / LGV Driver
Brian D Smith – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Charlie Cann – Grounds Maintenance Operative - Streetscene
Colin Bardell – Temporary Streetscene Operative / Driver
Craig Clark – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Darrell Green – Temporary Streetscene Operative / Driver
Eddie Ballard – Grounds Maintenance Operative - Streetscene
Glen Thomson – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Grant Johnson – Skilled Grounds Maintenance Operative - Streetscene
Jeremy Gilbert – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Jimmy Curtis – Grounds Maintenance Operative - Streetscene
John Deacon – Streetscene Operative / Driver
John Westland – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Justin Webb – Temporary Streetscene Operative / Driver
Kryzstof Horosz – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Kyle James-Good – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Maciej Gajc   – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Michael Hewitt – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Paul Strong – Temporary Streetscene Operative / Driver
Phil Hinton – Grounds Maintenance Operative - Streetscene
Richard Hamilton – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Richard Kinyanjui – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Rodney Knight – Grounds Maintenance Operative - Streetscene
Scott Moore – Grounds Maintenance Operative - Streetscene
Simon Long – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Simon Tolley – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Steve Lenton – Temporary Streetscene Operative / Driver
Terry Bone – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Troy Smart – Streetscene Operative
Will Davies – Streetscene Operative / Driver
Osman Yildrim  – Streetscene Supervisor
Customer Contact Team
Tenancy Management Team
Housing Needs Team
Emma Mace – Senior Executive PA - helped in Emergency Operations Centre
Lisa Brennan – Executive PA - helped in Emergency Operations Centre
Dawn Cox – Miscellaneous Licensing and Business Support Team Leader - helped in Emergency Operations Centre
Dan Barker – Community Response Officer
Valeria Cadena-Wrigley – Community Response Officer
James Gardner – Community Response Officer
Mohammed Khan – Community Response Officer
Simon Manton – Community Response Officer
Daniel Newton – Community Response Officer
Edward Scullard – Community Response Officer
Kevin Deane – Community Response Officer
Louis Arundell-Walker – Community Response Officer
Nick Prior – Community Response Officer
Laurie-Jane Taylor – Community Response Team Manager
Paul Kirkley – Environmental Development Officer
Sara Malyon – Environmental Development Officer
Neil Whitton – Environmental Development Officer
Will Christian – Environmental Development Officer
John Copley – Head of Environmental Development

Environment Agency
The current flooding event resulted in the Environment Agency’s dedicated Area Incident Room opening on the 23 December on a 24 hour basis. We have had staff working, and on standby 24/7 throughout the incident, including on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and over New Year.
Some of our staff have day jobs that relate directly our incident response, such as our operational teams who are out deploying demountable flood defences and clearing trash screens. As well as those who assist with the operation of flood defence structures and support the management of River levels.
However, many of our staff have incident roles outside of their normal day job, and during the incident they switch over to these.  This includes responding to pollution events, flood ambassadors who out on the ground, data recorders, and those who work on communication with key groups / organisations and the public.
As a result, the majority of our local staff has worked in some way to support our incident response. The names of those who have worked tirelessly throughout the duration of this incident are too many to list, but we are incredibly grateful to them, and everyone else who has been involved in responding to the flooding in Oxfordshire and the wider South East.

South Central Ambulance Service
Community and First Responders, and
The men and women of South Central Ambulance Service,

Thames Valley Police refused to co-operate.