THEOLOGY is not normally one of the most common subjects to overhear in a pub.

But a group of Christians from Witney have decided to bring life’s big questions into their local.

Pub Theology at the Plough pub, High Street, was started by Olivia Watterson, 26, and her friends from St Mary’s Church in Cogges.

The group meets on Wednesday evenings after work to discuss topics like the nature of reality and whether concepts like good and evil really exist.

Mrs Watterson, who is group leader, said that she got the idea from groups in the United States, where it had become successful.

She said: “In the USA it had got people thinking about their world view.

“People go through life, day by day, not really thinking about important questions, so it is about sitting down and talking about them for a bit.

“A group of us were meeting on Wednesdays anyway so we decided to make it a bit more informal and do it at a pub.

“The questions are quite open and I often go home thinking really hard about what we have discussed.”

The group discusses a different topic each week, starting at 7.30-8pm, and anyone interested in taking part is welcome to join in.