WHY, this school play could be systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic – it could be Greased Lightning.

Youngsters at Larkmead School in Abingdon will hope the last night of their production of Grease will be even better than the one put on by their peers at Wheatley Park School in Oxford last week.

The Larkmead production opened on Tuesday night and students will perform their final show tonight. Larkmead head of drama Drew Morris said: “We chose Grease because it combines all of the key aspects of our school’s visual, performing arts, music, drama and dance.

“Grease is a crowd pleaser. Most people know and love it.”

Alex Lushington, 17, who plays the role of Kenickie, said: “As I’m in sixth form this is probably going to be my last school production which is sad as I’ve enjoyed them.

“Grease is probably my favourite show and I’m happy that I’ve had the opportunity to play my favourite character.”

Callum John, 14, playing the role of Eugene, said: “This is my favourite production. It’s got humour and energy. The cast are great and this show allows us to be as expressive as we like and to just have some fun.”

Tickets for the show cost £6 and £4 for concessions.

Emily Cox, 14, playing Sandy in the show, said: “I’ve been in school productions before but never as one of the leading parts so this is exciting for me and I’ll definitely do it again.”