LIBRARIAN Nev Keating has been celebrating the arrival of 200 new books donated by Oxfordshire County Council.

Mr Keating runs Cholsey Community Library with a number of volunteers.

The library, now based at Cholsey Pavilion, launched more than four years ago, and is staffed almost entirely by volunteers.

Previously situated in the church hall at the village’s Baptist church, the library has been based at the pavilion since it opened in May last year.

Mr Keating, who lives in Cholsey, said: “We have got 6,500 books on the shelves now and a lot of them are donations.

“Every three months the county council lends us 200 books and we have just had the latest offering from the county council.

“It’s primarily adult fiction with some adult non-fiction and some large print books.

“The county council has agreed to provide us with a collection of books on an ongoing basis.

“The pavilion is a wonderful resource for the village — I’m the only paid member of staff at the library.”