ARTISTS were given an after-hours peek at behind-the-scenes collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum as part of a new drawing workshop.

The sessions mean artists can draw unusual artefacts not normally on display without them being behind glass, and without crowds of museum visitors.

The still-life drawing workshops were the idea of Catherine Watson, an artist at the Old Fire Station in George Street, Oxford.

On Tuesday, artists drew a bronze Greek helmet from the 4th century BC and a 16th century helmet from Munich at the South Parks Road museum.

Catherine, 28, said: “I grew up in Oxford so I have been going there to draw for years, since I was a child.

“There are not many times you can go into the Pitt Rivers and it is empty, and being able to have that quiet and the fact you can get the objects out of their cases is great.”

The next sessions, which cost £4, are on February 25, March 4 and March 11 from 5pm until 7pm.

To book online, visit www.oxforduniversity