COMEDY group the Oxford Imps delivered a showstopping tenth anniversary performance.

The show on Thursday featured improvised sketches by members and set pieces by former “imps.”

Canadian Thomas Toles, 22, – pictured second from left – joined in October.

He said: “I was thinking how lucky I am to have joined during the year they were doing the biggest show ever.

“It was kind of ludicrous — with all the set pieces and over-the-top effects — but it was exhilarating.”

Stars included Ivo Graham (So You Think You’re Funny), Rachel Parris (The IT Crowd), Morgan and West (ITV’s Penn & Teller), Robin and Partridge (Rebel Bingo) and Joseph Morpurgo (Grand Theft Impro).

The group of students and residents was founded in 2003.

They first performed at the Wheatsheaf Pub, in High Street, in 2004 and have a weekly slot there at 8pm on Mondays.

Founder Hannah Madsen said: “Ten years ago, audiences smoked through our shows, we made Blair and Bush jokes and our ‘lighting’ was turning the Wheatsheaf’s one-light switch on and off.

“Now we’re hosting a show at the New Theatre, touring the USA and selling out Edinburgh Festival.

“I can’t imagine where we’ll be in 10 years but I wouldn't be surprised if we were still at the Wheatsheaf every Monday.”