MUMSNET Oxfordshire is looking for volunteers to help new parents support each other across the county.

Because Oxfordshire is a large area, the group organises meetings for smaller groups across the county, rather than having one meeting in Oxford.

The group needs parents to volunteer as local ambassadors to organise a time, date and venue for other parents to come along and meet them.

Often this is over coffee at a café or a soft play facility, but local ambassadors are encouraged to set up more exciting meetings for parents.

Camilla Preece, who runs Mumsnet Oxford, said: “I’ve personally benefited from Mumsnet’s fabulous ability to reach out to other parents.

“I’m not sure I could have got through these early years without that support and that of the other mums.”

She added that there are further opportunities available for local ambassadors in the organisation.

“It is something fun to do while on maternity leave, or alongside a part or full-time job and would benefit anyone hoping to expand or diversify their CV – or even just keep it ticking over with recent, relevant experience until they are ready to return to work.”

A meeting will be held in The Cornerstone in Didcot on Tuesday February 25 from 10am, or those interested can contact Mrs Preece by emailing or by calling 07907 444168.