THIS is what it feels like when your TV looks back at you.

These young thespians are putting on a play about kids who go on an adventure inside their television.

The musical, Hoppers, has been written by David Shorten of Sunningwell, near Abingdon, for children in his village.

Flo Hadfield, seven, who plays OobiDoobi, said: “It is a really funny play with lots of songs and will make you laugh your head off.”

The story follows four children who get sucked into their TV and have to fight their way through documentaries, dramas and quiz shows to get out again.

Libby Hadfield, 10, said: “It’s fun and I worked really hard.”

Matthew Arnold School pupil, Alex Jacobs, 12, said: “The play is amazingly cool.”

Mr Shorten, is a carpenter by trade.

Music was co-written by Oxfordshire resident Rob Earl.

The play, at Sunningwell Villahe Hall, will be performed at 2.30pm and 7.30pm tomorrow and 2.30pm on Sunday.

Tickets are priced from £5.