CULHAM artists will present their masterpieces at the village’s first exhibition.

Potter Charlotte Storrs is pictured with one of her fruit bowls made from natural materials.

The bowl, which has handles made from the akebia vine, was crafted in Culham.

Mrs Storrs, 66, from Culham, said: “Culham is a very small place with 160 houses and 450 people. We wanted to organise an art exhibition because of the large number of professional artists and amateurs in the village. I am very excited as it is a nice community event.”

The exhibition, featuring 14 artists, will take place on Saturday, March 22, at St Paul’s Church, Culham.

Organised by multi-media artist Tasha Isaacson and churchwarden Roy Epps, the Art of Culham will feature special activities for children including the chance to make pots.

Proceeds from art sales will go to the Friends of St Paul’s towards building improvements.