PICTURES taken on camera phones are hidden among the art works at a camera club exhibition.

Wantage Camera Club is holding its first public exhibition in more than two years at the Vale and Downland Museum, Wantage.

The club is also looking for new members and says photographers with any level of skill are invited.

Club chairman Dave Richardson, who lives in Charlton Heights, said: “What I really wanted to do was show people that you don’t have to use expensive equipment to take a great picture.

“Our members use a whole range of equipment, but we all take pictures on our phones because you’ve always got it with you.”

The exhibition even includes some photographs in 3D, with the 3D glasses provided.

Subjects range from natural history to portraits via scenery.

Club membership costs £51 a year. For more, visit

The exhibition runs daily, 10am until 4pm, until March 8.