THEY’VE shed an eye-watering 35 stone between them.

And one may have cured her diabetes in the process. The four are all members of Val Neame’s Slimming World class at the Clifton Centre in Ashdene Road, Bicester.

Aylson Clifton has shed almost six stone since last May after her doctor told her she had type two diabetes.

Through diet and exercise and sheer determination the mother-of-three has dropped from a size 24 to 14.

At the moment she still takes tablets to control her diabetes, but regular three monthly check-ups have seen her blood sugar drop to normal as the weight fell off.

Mrs Clifton, of Bure Park, said: “On my next appointment I hope I will be one of the rare diabetes reversal cases. I have never been able to get the blood sugars anywhere near normal.”

She joined the gym and was referred to Slimming World by her doctor.

The self-employed cleaner said although she still had to lose 1st 4lb to reach her target weight, it has already changed her life.


The Oxford Times:

  • Jo before the weightloss

She said: “I feel like I can take on the world. I think I have shocked so many people.”

Hairdresser Jo Chiverton, 49, lost 12st 7lbs in two years, her colleague Sandy Butler, 42, lost 11st 7lbs, in 27 months, while her husband Nigel, a security guard, lost 5st.

Mother-of-two Mrs Butler, of Market End Way, Bicester, who works in Headmasters, in Market Square, said: “Jo had gone quietly without me knowing. She convinced me to give it a try – I had never been so scared in my life when I walked through that door.

The Oxford Times:

  • Sandy and Nigel before the weightloss

“I only went originally because I was jealous that Jo was losing the weight.

“Eventually it just becomes a way of life, it’s not a diet.”

When she started dieting Mrs Butler was a dress size 32 and is now a 12.

She said: “I am amazed at myself and so are my family.

“I have got a lot more energy – I jump out of bed in the morning.”

The Oxford Times:

  • Alyson before the weightloss

Mother-of-four Mrs Chiverton, of George Street, said: “I regret not doing it earlier.

“My kids had to endure years of horrible comments from other people because of my size.”

It was a photograph of herself at a friend’s wedding that prompted Mrs Chiverton to diet. When she started she was 23st 6lb and now weighs 10st 11lb, dropping from a dress size of almost 30 to a 12.

She said: “My confidence is so much better – I walk with my head up high instead of looking at the floor all the time.”

Val Neame, who runs the Slimming World sessions, said: “I’m so proud of our amazing achievers but I would just add that I’m incredibly proud of all my members who are striving to make positive changes to their lifestyle.”