THE family of a grandmother who was run over on a zebra crossing have demanded a review of Bicester’s new road system.

It comes less than a fortnight after councillor Les Sibley raised concerns that the area around new zebra crossings, including Queens Avenue and St John’s Street, was too dark, and the Bucknell Road junction hazardous.

Karen Morgan, 56, was on her way home from work at Clinton Cards and was walking on the zebra crossing in St John’s Street, near Sheep Street, when she was struck by a car last Monday, about 5.45pm.

Mrs Morgan suffered a broken arm and shoulder, and spent four days in Banbury’s Horton Hospital.

Future surgery has not been ruled out.

Mrs Morgan, of East Street, said: “I’m still in a lot of pain and I’m tired.

“I don’t remember what happened, I remember trying to sit up off the floor. I could not move my arm and my head hurt.”

She believes traffic light-controlled crossings should be reinstated.

Her daughter, mother-of-two Lisa Smith, 30, of Ravencroft, Bicester, has called for safety improvements at crossings. She said: “It’s the most ridiculous place to have a zebra crossing.

“It’s dangerous. It’s too dark around there, it’s right near a sharp bend.

“Next time, and there will be a next time, the person involved might not be as lucky as my mum.

“Her injuries are bad, but it could have been a lot worse.”

The road improvements aimed at tackling congestion were implemented last March. Work included replacing traffic lights at the junction of Field Street and St John’s Street with a new mini-roundabout and a new zebra crossing.

St John’s Street became two-way, and traffic was able to turn right out of Bucknell Road, but was stopped from turning right into Bucknell Road from Field Street.

Oxfordshire County Council said it planned to review the changes in June.

Mr Sibley said: “An urgent review is needed now, we can’t wait until June.

“The new road network has been in place since last Easter, that’s surely enough time to see where the issues are.”

Peter Wilson, 69, of Spencer Close, Bicester, previously contacted the council over concerns in Bucknell Road and Field Street.

He said: “The zebra crossing on this roundabout is so badly positioned as to make it dangerous for people using this crossing and for cars turning right out of Bucknell Road.”

A county council spokesman said it could not comment on individual accidents.

But he said road safety will be monitored and a review was planned for June.

Police said the incident was still being investigated and no charges have been brought.