A ZOMBIE board game, which was the brainchild of a Didcot dad, has sold more than 300 copies within three months.

City of Zombies was invented by Lydalls Road resident Matt Tidbury, 50, as a way of teaching his children maths.

Schools and shops from Somerset to Liverpool have ordered copies of the game since its launch before Christmas.

Among them is Manor Primary School in Didcot.

Mr Tidbury said: “I am absolutely delighted.

“When people hear it is a maths game they have a pre-conceived idea of what that is. But this is completely different, there isn’t one right answer and kids are realising how much fun it can be.”

Father-of-three Mr Tidbury has used the game to help his daughter who has struggled with her maths lessons.

The game, for ages 6+, costs £29.99 from http://cityofzombies.com