AT just two foot high, this cantankerous monkey knows how to control the stage.

Moses, a Japanese puppet with a soft body and a cardboard head, is the star of the Blind Summit Theatre’s hit show The Table.

Moses was star of the show at the Old Fire Station on Tuesday night.

Artistic director Mark Down said: “Moses is a grumpy old man really. He gets very excited by the ladies in the audience and quite often we get someone from the audience up on stage.”

The hand-crafted puppet is contolled by Sean Garratt and Irena Stratieva, alongside Mr Down who controls the puppet’s head and left hand.

Mr Down said: “Three puppeteers bring alive one puppet. He is trying to tell the story of the last 12 hours of Moses’s life. We have brought him back to life as a puppet.

“In the show, Moses is showing off and messing about and it is very funny. There’s a lot of improvisation.

“But he does eventually tell the tale of his own death.”