PUBLIC toilets in Eynsham could be closed to save funds.

West Oxfordshire District Council said they were under-used and has proposed shutting the facility in Oxford Road to save £9,100 per year.

It is also reviewing its policy to only charge people using cubicles after recommending prices for all facilities should be increased from 10p to 20p.

Public toilets across the district are open from 7.30am to 10.30pm in the summer but opening hours could be reduced so they close at 7.30pm all year round.

The changes are subject to consultations with parish councils and approval by the full council.

Figures for 2012-13 showed 2,250 people used the Eynsham toilets in Oxford Road and Back Lane — costing the council £11.80 for each visit. More than 10,000 people used the two toilets in Woodstock and about 4,800 people used the ones in Bampton town hall.

Explaining the reason for the price hike, Councillor David Harvey said: “The cost of electricity, heating and cleaning has gone up so the cost of a pee will have to go up as well.”