A PERFORMANCE at Oxford’s Pegasus Theatre followed weeks of theatre workshops for Littlemore youngsters.

The group of teenagers created their production from scratch, an apocalyptic vision of water taking over the world.

They also designed posters to advertise the performance, which took place at the Magdalen Road theatre on Wednesday.

Former Pegasus Theatre boss Euton Daley has been running the sessions since January for 15- to 19-year-olds at Edith Kempson Hall in Chapel Lane, Littlemore.

Six young people attended and took part in the final performance.

Mr Daley, who lives in Cowley, said: “Although the numbers were low they have all stayed with the project and they committed to it.

“And we have seen a massive change in them – in their confidence to speak and offer their opinions. Speaking in front of people six weeks back, you would not have thought that was possible.”

He added: “When we devised the production it was during the floods.

“It is all to do with the future and water taking over the world.

“They have called it the Big Flood Theory. We set up improvisations and they wrote it.”

The young people also exhibited their artwork made during the sessions at the performance. The workshops, along with carpentry and hair and beauty activities for Littlemore Youth Club, were funded by a £4,742 Youth Ambition Grant from Oxford City Council.

The sessions ran over 10 weeks.

Mr Daley said: “The main thing for us is they continue to do something creative.

“Pegasus has offered spaces available to go on projects there if they were interested.

“It would be great if they continued.”