THE world of wildlife photography has a new recruit.

Alex White, 10, from Appleton, has been made a patch reporter for the BBC Wildlife Magazine.

He will keep an online blog about what he sees in his garden and near his home and highlights will also go into the monthly magazine.

Alex, who goes to Appleton CofE Primary School, said: “It is very exciting.

“I like to focus on all different species – birds, badgers, foxes and deer.”

He said one of his aims was to find otters living in the River Thames near Appleton.

Alex has been watching wildlife since he was just three years old and his parents took him badger spotting.

Mum Debbie, an administrator at Appleton Pre-school, said: “He has got used to being able to sit still for a long time.

“Sometimes when we are out I’ll want to go home and he won’t. He wants to be a wildlife photographer, so hopefully this will help.”

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