A MOTHER-OF-TWO who had sex with her GP in his consultation room claimed yesterday that she was “not participating” when she gave in to his advances.

Dr Peter Rubin, pictured, bought the woman a Prada mobile phone and treated her children to a games console.

He sent her intimate texts and pictures, then invited her to the Woodlands Medical Centre, in Didcot, to exchange Christmas presents, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service heard.

The woman, known as Patient A, told the panel they had sex on Christmas Eve 2007.

Giving evidence, she told of visiting the surgery and said: “We were the only two people there in the whole of the surgery.

“He just kept pestering me and in the end he got his own way. I was not participating.

“He had already given me an antibiotic prescription and said ‘you need to take this one’ and said ‘it’s the morning-after pill’.”

The suspended family doctor continued to bombard her with texts and paid visits to her house during working hours, the tribunal heard.

On one occasion in 2008 he “put her on the kitchen table” in her partner’s house and started “fondling” her, it was said.

The personal texts continued until 2012 when she finally complained after Dr Rubin forcibly tried to remove her trousers during a consultation in July 2012, it is alleged.

Dr Rubin is facing a fitness to practice hearing in Manchester.

He has admitted the relationship but disputes some of the patient’s claims.

The General Medical Council, represented by Craig Sephton QC, alleges Dr Rubin’s actions were sexually motivated, but he claims it was just his “sense of humour”.

The GP could face be struck off the medical register.

The hearing is expected to last until Tuesday.