A PARADE of 250 cars will snake around the streets of Wallingford for the town’s 19th car rally.

American muscle cars, Abingdon-made MGs and modern supercars will be among the procession on Sunday, May 11.

The parade will start at 11am with cars and motorbikes driving through the town to Market Place before ending at the Kinecroft.

The procession will come to a halt at the Kinecroft for a show on the green. This year will be the 10th annual Wallingford Vehicle Rally and Parade, which raises money for charity.

Chairman Mark Brett said: “Every other car show just parks vehicles in a field. But this is unique because there are 250 of them driving through and around the town centre.

“People line the streets to see and listen to them — it is quite a carnival atmosphere.

“It’s a special year because we are celebrating our 10th, we’re really looking forward to it.”

Spectators are expected to line the streets to cheer on the procession. Prizes will be given out on the day to the furthest travelled, the mayor’s choice and the vehicle of the show.

The parade will be raising money for the Footsteps Foundation charity, which supports the Footsteps Centre based in Dorchester-on-Thames.. The charity gives intensive rehab sessions for children and young adults with neurological disorders.

Pre-registration is now closed for the show but people can still take part in the parade, before being directed to an overflow car park on St George’s Road.

For more information on the event go to wallingfordcarrally.org.uk