A GP who had sex with a woman in his consultation room yesterday blamed his “German sense of humour” for breaching professional boundaries.

Dr Peter Rubin, 53, pictured, exchanged personal texts with the woman, referred to as Patient A, and bought her a Prada mobile phone.

He treated her children to a Wii console and took her out for lunch in a “campaign to woo” the mother-of-two, the hearing was told yesterday.

The pair had sex at the Woodlands Medical Centre, Didcot, on Christmas Eve 2007 before Dr Rubin prescribed the morning after pill.

German-born Dr Rubin told the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester he did it to satisfy his “emotional and physical needs”. He also admits that he joked “come back in or your boyfriend will have to have lots of cold showers” when a 21-year-old student, referred to as Patient B, asked for the contraceptive pill.

He then asked her to kiss him on the cheek in a “spur of the moment” light-hearted gesture, which he claims was not sexually motivated.

The girl’s “horrified” mother reported him in July 2011 and a “devastated” Dr Rubin was forced to apologise.

Giving evidence yesterday he said: “One of my problems is my inappropriate use of humour to defect problems from myself.

“It is that inappropriate use of humour that has been causing some problems. It’s difficult to change a habit of a lifetime, but according to my wife I’m making progress.”

Dr Rubin told the panel he left Germany in his 20s and his sense of humour comes from his background.

He explained that he had to alter his consultation style after starting at the Woodlands practice in 1998 after being told he was too “business like” and too Germanic.

During the tribunal defence barrister Claire Watson began to cough and Dr Rubin said: “Is there a doctor in the house?”

The GP, who was suspended in November 2012 and left the practice the following month, could face being struck off the medical register.

The relationship “fizzled out” in 2008, although some text contact continued, and Dr Rubin was not reported until 2012.

Dr Rubin said he knows the fling was “unacceptable and inappropriate” and has vowed not to repeat his mistakes.

He said: “It is an experience I do not wish to repeat. I am sorry for what happened and thoroughly ashamed and with the best will in the world I will do what I can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

The hearing is expected to last until Tuesday.