DELAYS are building across the city as the earlier traffic woes due to the closure of the Park End Street continue.

There are currently reported lengthy delays on citybound Botley Road, West Way, Banbury and Woodstock roads, St Giles, Weirs Lane, Oxpens, the A40 at Peartree, and on the Eastern Bypass up to Redbridge.

There were reports this morning of 40-minute delays on Botley Road, stretching all the way back to the A34, as well as long queues in St Giles, Beaumont Street, Thames Street, Abingdon Road and Oxpens Road.

There were also delays on the A34 stretching back to Abingdon.

Buses and taxis have also been heavily disrupted, with Oxford Bus Company cancelling services earlier today.

A number of people took to Twitter to vent their frustration after being made late for work and trains.

Louisa May said: “Traffic in Oxford is awful, been sat in the same spot for about 15 mins and when we do move it's a metre at a time. Well I'm late then.”

Mark Corden wrote: “City of Oxford traffic this morning is a nightmare. Botley, Abingdon and Banbury roads to centre static.”

Hannah Harvey said: “How have I been in the car for 45 mins and not made it to the park and ride yet? Oxford traffic makes me furious.”

Stagecoach spokeswoman Karen Coventry said: “We have seen disruptions to our services since the full closure came into operation this morning around 08:30.

“Unfortunately, some of the delays, particularly on services from Wantage and Witney have been severe.

“We are continuing discussions with the council and contractors and have extra staff in the city centre to ensure we are doing all we can to keep the buses moving.”