BARTON residents have been shown the possibilities for a park which will be created to accompany the new Barton West housing development.

The park will run behind the 885-home development, alongside Bayswater Brook and the current Barton estate.

Oxford City Council and Grosvenor Developments are leading the development which will be called Barton Park and plans have been on show during consultation events in the last week.

The park will be about 1.2km long and between 140 metres and 30 metres wide. There will also be “greenways” running throughout the development.

The developers have been asking residents what features they want to see in the park – from play facilities to public art.

Sue Holden, Barton Community Association secretary, said the park would be one of the benefits of the development.

She said: “I think it is lovely. Some of the ideas they have put forward are absolutely brilliant.

“There is lots in there. Obviously we are not going to be lucky enough to get all of it but it has been thought through which is great. And everybody stands to benefit from it. You never quite know how people will react to a consultation but people have come forward and expressed their opinions.”

A consultation event and exhibition was set up at Barton Neighbourhood Centre last Tuesday and on Saturday.

Plans will also be on display at the Northway Community Centre today from 4pm to 7pm. The proposals are also on show at Cheney School and Barton Leisure Centre until today.

Van Coulter, Oxford City Council member for Barton and Sandhills, said he also liked the ideas put forward in the exhibition.

And he said it was an example of how the current estate would benefit from the housing development.

He said: “This is one of the positive aspects. It definitely will enhance the green areas in Barton.”

Planning consultant Paul Comerford said a lot of people had come to see the plans in Barton last Tuesday.

He said: “We saw a wide range of ages from local youth club attendees to evening bingo participants. Earlier in the day we met with the school council at Bayards Hill School who were very clear about what they liked in existing parks, in particular climbing.”

He added: “Overall there was a positive reception to the ideas put forward with a positive response to the ability to enjoy a park with a variety of spaces from more formal sports to play spaces and kickabout areas to wildlife areas alongside new ponds and Bayswater Brook.”

A new website has also been updated to provide residents with the latest details on the development.

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