RESIDENTS say double yellow lines are the only way to resolve dangerous parking issues in their street in Bicester.

They claim motorists park all day in Bucknell Road to avoid parking fees in the town centre’s long stay car park or at Bicester North Station, reducing parts of the road to one lane.

It comes as councillor Les Sibley ordered a parking survey to press for double yellow lines.

Residents say the problem is made worse by parents dropping and collecting their children from Brookside Primary School.

University registrar Stephen Marshall, 50, of Bucknell Road, said: “When I first moved to Bucknell Road 11 years ago, no-one parked opposite the school.

“Increasingly over the last two or three years, the number, and frequency of people parking all day or overnight has increased substantially.”

He also worries about schoolchildren who have to “weave in and out of cars” to cross the road.

Despite a campaign, the lollipop lady was not replaced after she left in 2012.

Mr Marshall said traffic was set to increase as the North West Bicester eco town was developed. He said: “Double yellow lines are the only answer.”

Mark Busby, 43, of Stoneburge Crescent, said his wife had been “threatened” several times after she confronted people who had blocked their drive way.

He said: “We have had no end of trouble. The only way I can see it being resolved is double yellow lines down Bucknell Road.”