A COUNCILLOR is warning people to be aware a section of a notorious road has had its speed limit dropped.

Earlier this month, the section of Middleton Stoney Road between Shakespeare Drive and Howes Lane was reduced from 40mph to 30mph.

But Independent town, district and county councillor Les Sibley says there is no sign to warn people the change has been made.

Concerns had previously been raised about a reduction in the speed limit near the Villiers road and which saw a huge increase in people being fined.

Oxfordshire County Council has removed the 30mph sign to indicate the continuous speed limit, but has been criticised for not putting up signs to warn people of the change.

Mr Sibley said: “The only way you can see it has changed is by looking at the typed notices on the lamposts.

“I’m just alerting people to the fact there has been a change – I think it’s important with all the problems along there.”

A county council spokesman said: “The permanent speed limit for the road east of the Howes Lane junction is 30mph, and so on the expiry of the temporary order the limit here will revert to 30mph, with the speed limit signs being amended accordingly.”