A CITY councillor thought he was safe from polling tactics because he’s not up for election this year.

But when Jericho and Osney city councillor Colin Cook woke up yesterday he found someone had taken matters into their own hand and painted “Vote Cook” on his front door.

Similar graffiti was also painted on the front wall of the Oxford Mail’s Osney Mead headquarters.

Mr Cook, who is the executive board member for city development, said: “It wasn’t me, I have got an alibi.

“The person who did it clearly wasn’t that bright because I’m not up for election this year.

“The police asked if there was anyone who had a grudge against me but there’s no one who might have done this who particularly stands out.

“It is the sort of thing people in public office often suffer but it could have been worse. I understand the Mayor of Grenoble, our twin town, was punched in the face last week.”

Mr Cook has urged anyone whose property has been hit by this graffiti to report it to the police.

Thames Valley Police spokesman Rhianne Pope said the force had one report of criminal damage connected to Mr Cook’s front door being spray painted.

She said police were investigating.